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Courses We Offer

The unique Semblance Theatre method uses real felt experience as a developmental tool for learning. Our courses offer an opportunity to explore difficulties and challenges in a way that enables a real depth of understanding.  Look through our current course offerings below to learn more.

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Childhood trauma in looked after or adopted children: 1 day forum theatre course

This one day course examines the sometimes very complex dynamics of the relationships between parents/carers and children who have come from a traumatic background. The course utilizes experiential training and applied theatre techniques to allow for a very real felt experience of these situations. We look in great detail at the often challenging dynamics of these relationships. This allows us to consider how we relate to these challenges at an emotional level and also allows us to consider how we can find ways to work with these difficulties in a way that promotes a real sense of belonging for our families. If you’re interested in learning more about this course, follow the link below.

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Child to parent violence: A dynamic exploration

This one day course examines the difficult and emotive subject of child to parent violence from a motivational perspective. We explore the dynamics of the relationship between the parent and the perpetrator and consider how for our children the lines between these two positions are often fundamentally blurred. This course is delivered using character objective expression and a moment by moment consideration of subtext associations. This course is designed for delivery to professional organisations and those working in support of parents or carers of children with a background in trauma. If you would like to find out more, follow the link below. 


Bespoke Program

The fundamental adaptability of the techniques we utilize lend themselves well to the developmental process. We are therefore confident that we can facilitate a deeper understanding of all kinds of challenging situations. feel free to get in touch and let us see if we can develop some ideas to meet whatever challenges you may be facing.


Therapeutic Intervention

Our techniques can be used to work therapeutically with families in crisis. Particularly where the underlying motivations or the driving force of the conflict remains shrouded or inaccessible. 
We can tease out underlying themes and explore these from a position removed enough from the trauma or the difficulty to allow for mentalization and the possibility of ongoing change.
Follow the link below to read more about the ways in which our work can be used therapeutically.


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