"We attended the forum theatre workshop in the summer of 2019, which was part of the therapeutic training provided by Barnardo’s.

Jason is a natural host. His tone was clear and calm. You could hear a pin drop as he explained to the audience the context of each scenario, which was brilliantly played out by 3 fantastic actors.

We were immediately struck by the professional direction and skilled approach of the actors as they adapted to their roles, setting up each scene in front of a packed room of attentive listeners.

The subject matter was delivered with honesty and emotion, seen through the eyes of the parent and then the child. After each scene Jason paused the action and asked open questions of the audience, which drew out a range of observations and interesting discussions.

Each scene was an intimate insight into the lives of an adopted family. For us it was helpful to see the difficulties and challenges of becoming an adopted parent. It was also a revelation for us to see the difficulties and challenges seen through the eyes of an adopted child, all being played out with emotion in real-life situations.

It was clear that Jason and the team had written the scenes from a great depth of knowledge and compassion. To observe and then switch each scene from the point of view of each participant was an excellent idea. The underlying emotions portrayed by the characters allowed us to empathise with each point of view – parent, child – and understand why problems and a lack of understanding can happen.

 This training has enriched our understanding of our child’s way of seeing. The training has been a lifeline in situations where we feel ‘bamboozled’ by emotions and has taught us to ‘step outside’ situations and imagine what it must feel like for our child.

May this brilliant training be given the opportunity to support many other adopted parents."